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July 2011

Dear Inselhaus Bed & Breakfast guests and visitor to our website!

It is July and we are all in need of a vacation. Life at Inselhaus has been very busy and full of guests and delightful parties. WIU students and their families have come and gone for graduation and next year we will have new faces at our door and in our hallways.  Seeing old friends and gaining new ones is the best part of being an Innkeeper!

This month I have assembled some reasons why a person should choose a bed and breakfast while on vacation rather than a hotel.  Please enjoy!

1. Bed and Breakfasts are a mix between home and luxury.
When you go on vacation, you want to relax and do not want worry about cleaning or other household tasks.  With bed and breakfasts such as the Inselhaus, you have the comfort of your own room and bathroom along with other amenities to reflect home life, but you also have luxurious surroundings to enjoy as well. 

2. Innkeepers love what we do. 
It is true!  Every one of us at Inselhaus takes the time to make sure that your stay is special and one-of-a-kind.  We want travelers, business people and everyone in-between to have the best evening and morning of their lives.  From our Melt in Your Mouth Cookies we serve you with a glass of wine at night to our delicious 3-course breakfast, you will feel like you were on vacation regardless of why you came to town.

3. We have a rich history. 
Macomb is a historic town in and of itself and Inselhaus is no different.  Just ask Dorothee to give you a tour of Inselhaus and you will be captivated by the fine details of the home and the historical value as well.  If you have not noticed the framed blueprints hanging in the second floor hallway, please take a look.  They are originals and you can see how far we have come!

4. You may have questions.  We have the answers! 
Innkeepers are not only business owners but also locals.  While you could have a specific reason to be staying with us, we can give you 50 reasons to come back or extend your stay.  Events are held regularly in the area and chances are, your innkeeper will know something about them.  Also, if you are looking for an eatery, store or specialty shop, just ask us.  We can provide you with our favorites and get you pointed in the right direction. (See last month's newsletter for a list of local dining favorites!)

5. There may be between 2 and 12 guests staying in one night - but never 112!Have you ever stayed at a hotel and heard people roaming around all hours of thenight?  Or have had to wait in line for your continental breakfast?  Do not put yourself and your family through that experience again.  You will not have to if you choose Inselhaus.  While we do not have a curfew on our guests, everyone is respectful of one another when they come and go.  Many have become friends and have even chosen to dine together.  Besides, our delicious, fresh-cooked breakfast requires a night of rest before consuming!  There is nothing like waking up to a gentle knock and a pot of German coffee waiting at your door.  At Inselhaus B&B, we can provide this - and so much more!

Staying at Inselhaus is a vacation in itself, whether it is one night or 10.  Please, visit to make a reservation and start your vacation with us today!  We love to hear from our past and future guests as well - please friend us on and you can share your bed and breakfast vacation comments with us. Guests are always welcome!


Have a delightful vacation,
Dorothee & Karl
Sarah, Cynthia & Ariel

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