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Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone!

It is surprising that Christmas is here already! We have had much going on at the Inselhaus the past few months so we hardly noticed that the holiday was upon us. We have our decorations up and they look beautiful as always, thanks to our fantastic design team and crew. We are grateful for everything they do during the holidays.

As usual, Christmas spirit is high at our B&B. Our guests love staying at the Inselhaus during the holiday season. Not only are the lights merry and bright, but we also have the fireplaces lit and ready for our guests to cozy up to with a glass of wine. The scent of fresh baked cookies, cakes and candies is also in the air. We have many people who love our baked goods and we don't disappoint them, making sure there are plenty on hand for guests and our friends around the area. If you like something, please let us know and we will get you the recipe - there is no reason to keep them to ourselves and we know that every time you try it for yourself you will think of the Inselhaus and the wonderful time you had here.

This will be the first year that our little granddaughter has been with us for Christmas and Karl and I are very excited to show her how the Inselhaus celebrates the holiday! Karl just returned from Germany where he was visiting his mother. It is always good to go home and see that everything is prospering! We feel like this past year has blessed us in many ways and we are very optimistic about what the next year will bring as well.

We hope that your holiday season is as happy as ours will be. If you need any additional cheer, as always, you are welcome to come stay with us. We love guests over the holidays as it just makes our family bigger and more cheery! And don't forget about us for your holiday party. We have some amazing new recipes for you to try and hope you will give us a call to discuss a menu! From sit-down dinner parties to delicious appetizers, I am sure you will find exactly what you want at the Inselhaus this holiday season.

Hopefully your holiday will be full of good will and cheer!

Your Friends at the Inselhaus,
Karl and Dorothee

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